Star Wars: The Emperor's Men

Background Info for The Emperor's Men

It’s been ten years since the Republic failed to protect the citizenry of the known galaxy from the Separatist movement. It’s been ten years since the failed Republic was organized into the first Galactic Empire.

It’s not been a simple transition. The noble Emperor Palpatine has been beset on nearly all sides in his attempt to hold the galaxy together. Even his first days were marred with assassination attempted by the hated Jedi order. Yoda, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, himself was the would be killer.

In recognition of this, the Emperor, in his endless wisdom, saw fit to elevate certain members of his Royal Guard, also known as the Crimson Guard, to the secretive Shadow Guard. These brave men and women were not only unquestioningly loyal but were also on the cutting edge of his guardsmen, and would accompany the Emperor when he was in need of the best of the best.

After the Kamino Uprising three years prior, the Emperor became convinced he needed his own fighting regiment. He needed soldiers as unquestioningly loyal as the Royal Guardsmen. With the clones proving too rigid, and the ARC Troopers not trustworthy enough, he decided why not use Royal Guardsmen?

The Royal Guard were already cultivated from the Empire’s fighting forces, so they had the necessary fighting skills. But the Emperor knew they needed more. Not only would they be required to fight on the Emperor’s behalf, but they had to remain clandestine in their operations.

What the Emperor did not need was more of his Hands; the Force-sensitive beings he utilized for more one-on-one assignments. What he needed was a black ops outfit ready at all times, and as loyal as the Royal Guard with the independence necessary to make decisions using outside of the box thinking.

The Emperor himself hand selected each and every single one of the member’s on the new outfit. For three years the men and women chosen trained. They trained on nearly every conceivable form of combat, from ground tactics, to air superiority dog-fighting.

They became one part Shadow Guard, one part Shadow Stormtrooper, and one part Elite TIE Fighter Pilot. They adopted the motto “For Emperor and Empire”.

Palpatine named his outfit The Emperor’s Men.


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